Model Engine Size Year Range  
Used Audi TT APX Engine 1.8 1998-2002 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT AUM Engine 1.8 2002-2005 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT ARY Engine 1.8 2000-2005 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT AUQ Engine 1.8 2000-2005 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT BAM Engine 1.8 2000-2005 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT CDAA Engine 1.8 2008-2012 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT CDLA Engine 2.0 2008-2012 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT BWA Engine 2.0 2006-2010 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT CCZA Engine 2.0 2008-2010 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT CDLB Engine 2.0 2008-2012 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT CDMA Engine 2.0 2008-2012 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT CESA Engine 2.0 2010-2012 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT BPY Engine 2.0 2006-2009 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT BUB Engine 3.2 2006-2010 Get Quotes
Used Audi TT BHE Engine 3.2 2003-2006 Get Quotes

Buy used & reconditioned Audi TT engines, Supply & Fitted

Giving your precious purchase the best is your right and take it to the best people for repair also. We assure you that there will be nothing but the top quality work we are going to give to your Audi TT.

We deal in reconditioned, refurbished, second hand or rebuild Audi engines and every time we deliver it is going to raise the spirits of the customers and our sale. We do not sell with fake promises; our sales growth due to the quality products we give to the market. If you are looking for a reliable dealer then we can provide you with one and take full responsibility for our work.

Reconditioned & used Audi TT engines for sale

Audi TT and its journey through the years

Shortly let's look back when Audi TT came to the market and how the idea started. The initial year was 1994 and it was when a concept started building. This concept car was shown in a motor show in 1995 to make predictions of what the future of this new styling holds. Its first official appearance was made in 1998 due to an encouraging response from the people. The first form was a coupe and after a year the roadster arrived. The aim was to give the market a racing car form which also faced problems. Then controls and predictive nature for the car was added to give other road occupiers a good and safe companion. The manual gear change was only present in the start which was later accompanied by automatic gear change. Evolution in the past years has given us the TT we see today.

What if the engine is troubling and you need to get rid of it?

The answer lies in your hands. Come to us and we will give you the best solution or advice. If giving it an hour or two can make things better with the lowest money spent then the deal is good for you as nothing is better than the original. But if things are difficult to repair you need a replacement. Audi TT ought to have the best engine without which it is nothing as it is a speed which distinguishes it from the lot. So don't be afraid and try us out we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Our rates do not worry you

You can spend more it's good for you but it is never bad if you can save some. We have rates from different dealers and give you the choice according to your will. We try our level best to give you lower prices which you will not commonly find in the market. But our rates do not depict the low quality of our products. So what are you waiting for? Give your pocket a break and get reconditioned engines from us cheaper than most of the others.

Have it fit from us

Along with our services for the engine renewal, you can avail our fitting service also. It is done by the trained workers and they do not leave a doubt in doing their work. Those skilled hands can work according to requirement and place it accordingly and accurately, without raising other issues. The dealers we work with are experts in their work and they know how much your car value for you.

Reconditioned & used Audi TT engines at cheapest prices
Get reconditioned engines that are in warranty and guaranteed

It is always good to have some sort of assurance that the thing you are purchasing will pay off the money spent on it. If you purchase from us we give you engines in warranty and they are guaranteed so that if any problem arises in the future within the given time you can have them replaced from us or get help in any way we can. Audi TT is a luxury car and is expensive, so after such a big amount spent already if servicing is lower in price what else is needed.

We can entertain any model you want

We can rebuild your engine if you want for any Audi TT you want. Our work is not limited to just some models. You can place your order by contacting us and we will direct you to our dealer who fits your need. Delivery time strictly adheres but if some delay happens it will not be deliberate.

Get your engine supplied & fitted in 4 easy steps.

Recovery of Your Vehicle
Recovery of Your Vehicle
If you have a vehicle with engine problems and you are looking to buy a replacement engine, we have just the right solution for you; Engine Fitted offers vehicle recovery so you don't have to go through the hassle of searching the right engine for your vehicle. We have top quality reconditioned and low mileage used engines for sale in stock ready to be fitted.
Get the Right Engine
Get the Right Engine
We fit the right engine for your vehicle whether you need a second hand or remanufactured, so you don't have to scour every scrap yard in search of the compatible engine.
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
We have a team of engine experts with years of experience in the field of replacement engines, the whole engine fitting process is done in our state of the art; fully equipped garages.
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
After the engines are fitted, each vehicle is professionally tested by our experts for any faults and only when they are satisfied with the end results, we mark the job as 'done', oh and there is more, we will also give your vehicle a full valet free of charge, all ready for you to drive away.
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